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Nauchnyy Dialog (Scientific Dialogue) is an peer-reviewed academic journal. Edited since 2012. The editorial board admits articles covering scientific conceptions, significant results of fundamental, theoretical and applied research in the sphere of humanities sciences — Philology. History. Pedagogics (up to 25,000 characters: 8–14 pages; up to 40,000 characters: 15–24 pages). The journal also publishes brief reports, reviews and information materials (descriptions and announcements of congresses, conferences, meetings, symposiums, workshops) (3-5 pages).


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620050, Sverdlovsk Region, Yekaterinburg, Kosmonavtov street, 43-57




Tsentr nauchnykh i obrazovatelnykh proektov


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Tel. (343)3458984, +79120458984 (Tatiana Leontyeva, Editor-in-Chief)