Matrimonial Tendencies of Volgograd and Volgograd Region Demographically Active Population: on Results of Expert Interviews

Laktyukhina E.
Volgograd State University
Antonov G.
Volgograd State University

Журнал: Научный диалог

Номер: 11(23)    Год: 2013    Страницы: 119-125

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брачно-семейные установки  демографически активное население  демографическая социализация  демографическое поведение  прикладная социология  matrimonial tendencies  demographically active population  demographic socialization  demographic behavior  applied sociology  


Certain sociological research results of factors for demographic socialization of the population categories responsible for generative reproduction on the territory of Volgograd and the Volgograd region are presented. Authors present the experts – specialists of the civil registrations (CR) – opinions concerning character, orientation and intensity of matrimonial tendencies of the region population at the age of 21–35 years, and also factors, which they define. It is reported that the experts point out the future couple excessive attention to an official part of marriage registration. It is noted that the desire to organize a beautiful holiday is peculiar to the contemporary young marriage couples, and it is estimated by the experts as one of the main reasons for early divorces. In addition while preparing the celebration young people show inability to find a common language up to mutual aggression, inability to support each other. The experts consider that irresponsible relation to the marriage is confirmed by aspiration of youth to register the relations in certain “happy” dates, and prove that the majority of the marriages registered in these days subsequently are terminated. According to the experts, the transformation of the marriage ceremony into show for guests is influenced by the mass media. The question of the concepts “matrimony” and “partnership” correlation is touched upon.


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