Informal Trade Sector in System of Functionally Interrelated Spheres of Ukraine Economy

Gapij I.
Lviv State University of Internal Affairs

Журнал: Научный диалог

Номер: 12(24)    Год: 2013    Страницы: 26-37

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торговля  неорганизованный сектор  рынки  trade  informal sector  markets  


Forming of the competitive environment in the trade service sphere, establishing of the opportunities for competition realization, providing economic security for domestic trade need not only the development of new forms of retail trade, but also the considerable expansion and support of its subjects which have been providing the trade service for the population for more than one year. In the article the informal trade sector is characterized, its role in the domestic trade system is defined. The informal trade sector is understood as set of unincorporated subjects which provide the trade activity on the principles of independence, self-sufficiency and self-employment. The emphasis is placed on the main functions which are carried out by the studied sector in the Ukraine domestic trade system. The article’s aim is to investigate the main aspects of development and functioning of the system of branched internal and external interrelations of informal sector with adjacent spheres on the system approach basis. The relevance of the research is explained by the fact that, according to official data, there is one trade enterprise of the formal sector on about four subjects of informal sector and it means that it is impossible to get the studied sector out of sight.


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