Motivation of Volgograd Entrants in Choosing Higher Education Institution

Antonenko V.
Volgograd State University

Журнал: Научный диалог

Номер: 12(24)    Год: 2013    Страницы: 137-143

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мотивация абитуриентов  выбор вуза  рекламная деятельность вуза  профориентационная работа  motivation of entrants  choosing higher education institution  advertising of higher education institution  professional orientation  


The results of the analysis of Volgograd higher education institutions students’ opinions for the purpose of determining the motivation which influences a choice of education places are presented. The analysis showed that informal sources of information prevail: the potential applicant learns about higher education institutions from the elder relatives or friends. It is interesting that advertising, including that in mass media, according to the respondents appeared inefficient or was absent. The reasons and the factors having decisive influence on a choice of higher education institution by young people are found out. The most important factors in choosing higher education institution and the specialty are the high prestige of both of them, and also the high quality of educational services, possibility of high earnings in the future, the subsequent career progress, quick employment after graduation. On the basis of the obtained data the main recommendations which can be useful when developing strategy of entrants involvement are formulated. Thus the factors mentioned above first of all should be actualized in the organization of higher education institution advertizing or specialty advertizing and when carrying out professional orientation actions which have to be addressed not only to the entrants, but also to the elder generation which representatives substantially form entrants’ opinions.


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