Nauchnyy dialog. 2013. # 3(15)

pages: 1-212

issn: 2225-756X


jnumber: 3(15)

year: 2013

  • Accumulation and Distribution of Heavy Metals in Novodvinsk Soils

  • Expansion and Yield of Spruce Forests in Various Ecotopes of Mari El Republic

  • Ecological Plasticity of Flora in “Lysaya Gora” Stow (Studenyi Ovrag, Krasnoglinsky City District, City of Samara)

  • Integrative Approach to Chiroptera Origin Problem

  • Ecological Evaluation of Heavy Metal Soil Pollution in Severodvinsk

  • Some Problems of Practical Application of Expert Methods

  • Assessment of Road Network’s Plant Cover in Specially Protected Natural Reservation “Besputskaya Polyana” (Central Pre-Caucasus): Potentials for Ecological Restoration

  • Peculiarities of Studying Soil Formation Factors and Soil Properties as Part of “Ecology of Ural Soils” Field Practicum

  • Controversial Aspects of Anthropogenic Geomorphology

  • Statins, Cholesterol, Fatty Acids and Diabetes

  • Use of Electronic Catalogue of Life Database for Evaluating Taxonomic Structure of Flowering Flora (By Example of Samara Region)

  • Nitrate Nitrogen Content in Overburden Dump Embryozems of East-Beisk Open-Pit Mine in Khakassia