Online Risks and Problems of Child Protection in Modern British Media Education

Mikhaleva G.
Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute named after A. P. Chekhov (Taganrog)

Журнал: Научный диалог

Номер: 6(30)    Год: 2014    Страницы: 66-74

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информационная безопасность  медиаобразование  компьютерная грамотность  медиакомпетентность  цифровая компетентность  медиаконтент  социальные сети  онлайн-риски  инфокоммуникационные технологии  information security  media education  computer competence  media competence  numerical competence  media content  social networking website  online risks  informational and communication technologies  


The article presents the results of European scientists’ recent studies in the field of Internet security of young Internet users within the European project “EU Kids Online” and the national project “UK Children Go Online” on the initiative of the British scientists and under the guidance of Professor of the Faculty of Media and Communications at London School of Economics and Political Sciences S. Livingstone. The relevance of the analysis of these studies is related to the growing problem of online risks and harm to which children and young people face in their daily life throughout the world. It is noted that Russian scientists also are solving the difficult problem of forming the culture of Internet users’ information security. According to British researchers’ data which do not contradict the results of Russian researches on this problem, numerical competence (computer competence) and sufficient experience of the work in the Internet does not guarantee the user’s protection from the potential risk or harm, because it does not matter how often or how long the user appears in network, and the way it works on the Internet, that is, the question is in the individual media competence. Статья написана при финансовой поддержке гранта РГНФ «Стратегии современного британского медиаобразования и его влияние на российскую медиапедагогику», проект № 13-36-01001. Руководитель проекта - И. В. Челышева.


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