Romania and Modern Transnational Corporations (by Example of Renault Concern)

Safonov S.
Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow)

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Номер: 7(31)    Год: 2014    Страницы: 60-72

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Румыния  цепочки добавленной стоимости  автомобилестроение  развивающиеся страны  транснациональные корпорации  ТНК  Romania  value chains  car industry  developing countries  transnational corporations  TNC  


The article describes an example of Romania inclusion in “Renault” corporation in the light of the concept of value chains. The relevance of the research of organization and the principles of functioning of the largest automobile transnational corporations (TNC), as well as positive and negative experiences of countries inclusion in the value chains is highlighted. The study is of great importance for Russia, claiming the creation of a competitive industry and occupation of a certain position in the modern world economic system. It is noted that Romania is one of the most successful examples of integration of the country in the value chain in the automotive industry with the help of the parent TNC. “Logan” model, presented in 2004 by “Renault” company, attracted the attention of the world car industry experts, because this car that was sold for less than 6500 euros, soon became one of the most successful projects of the company. It is shown that, contrary to critics’ opinion, saying it is impossible to create a decent car within this price framework, the “Renault” company with “Logan” model managed to intrude into a new segment for it. Means of minimizing the cost of production and transportation of components and products of the company used by “Renault” are characterized.


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