USSR Position on Sian Incident of 1936

Volkova Irina Vladimirovna
Amur State University of Humanities and Pedagogy

Журнал: Научный диалог

Номер: 2(50)    Год: 2016    Страницы: 220-231

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Сианьские события  Чан Кайши  Чжан Сюэлян  гоминьдан  НКИД СССР  Коминтерн  Sian events  Chiang Kai-shek  Zhang Xueliang  Kuomintang  People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the USSR  Comintern  


The foreign policy strategy of the People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs (PCFA) of the Soviet Union relative to Sian events of the end of 1936 in China is considered. The impact of the international situation in the Far East on the position of the USSR, the development of Soviet-Chinese relations on the eve of the Sian crisis, the reaction of Japan on the political situation in the Republic of China are analysed. It is stated that the sharp escalation of a long conflict between the Communist party of China and the Nanjing government, which resulted in the arrest of Chiang Kai-shek by the troops of Shenyang Zhang and Yang Chucena, prevented the formation of a unified national front to reflect the military expansion of Japan. The author shows that in the context of possible expansion of Tokyo’s aggression in China and threats to the security of the Far Eastern regions of the Soviet Union the Kremlin built its foreign policy based on real geo-strategic objectives. In this regard, the ideological solidarity with the Chinese communists gives way to the purely pragmatic interests of strengthening the defence of Far Eastern borders. It is emphasized that despite the openly anti-communist views of Kuomintang leadership Moscow relies on the Chiang Kai-shek as the most suitable figure for the role of a national leader, able to unite the political forces of China. The author concludes that PCFA of the USSR made every effort for the peaceful settlement of Sian incident.


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