Collaborative Internet Literary Project: Structure and Elements of Genre Contamination

Kuchina Svetlana Anatolyevna
Novosibirsk State Technical University

Журнал: Научный диалог

Номер: 4(52)    Год: 2016    Страницы: 143-155

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нетпров  нарративная концепция  микроблог  импровизация  медиасреда  интерфейс  netprov  narrative conception  microblog  improvisation  media-sphere  interface  


The main genre features of netprov, or collaborative internet literary project to create art narrative are considered. The relevance of research is determined by necessity of understanding and systematic describing major genres of modern electronic art. Scientific novelty of the study lies in the complex systematic approach used by the author in the description and classification of genres of contemporary electronic creativity. There are several key structural, thematic, formative and functional traits for all forms of realization of works in netprov genre. The elements of creative activity of the recipient are characterised. It is shown that netprov is a synthetic genre of electronic art, allowing the inclusion of narrative structure not only of textual but also of audio-visual, graphical and animation components. It is indicated that, from the point of view of the concept of interactive electronic fiction, netprov implements productive type of selective interactivity, involving the active participation of the recipient in the construction of electronic narrative. It is noted that all elements of poly-thematic netprov structure, in particular, electronic information, activation process, etc., work on the formation and disclosure of the general idea of electronic narrative: reflection on the problems of personal identity of modern man in social media.


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