Contractionary Refrain and Reform of Images Representation in Balkar Poetry (Late 1960-ies - 1970-ies)

Bauayev Kazim Kalletovich
Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after Kh. B. Berbekov

Журнал: Научный диалог

Номер: 7(55)    Год: 2016    Страницы: 125-135

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Ключевые слова

рефрен  стяжение  апперцептивный  символьный  денотативный  когнитивная валентность  refrain  contraction  apperception  symbolic  denotative  cognitive valence  


The issue of modernization of a traditional for national literature “materialized” image is covered. Attention is paid to the fact that by the end of the 60-ies of XX century Balkar poetry was in dire need of creating a new figurative forms, which could ensure it an organic occurrence and adaptation to the rapidly changing information environment. The author dwells on the fact that the increase in communication quality and information mobility of the national verse could take place only with increase of the role and importance of denotative expressions in Balkar poetic texts, its saturation by conditionally generalized presentations. The research urgency is caused by the fact that much of the content of this problem is localized at the level of norms and models of apperception, which, in turn, are uniquely correlated with the daily vital practices, with skills providing a vital, immediate needs of these or that people. It is shown that one of the main instruments of translation the touch meaningful representation in rationally-conceptual sphere became a special semantic-syntactic structure - “contractionary” (“pulled”) refrain. Its usage in poetic texts allowed to achieve apperception of equality denotative and sensitive components of an image. The author turns to the works by A. Kuliyev, A. Baizullayev. It is proved that changing refrain can be assessed as a transitional structure towards the creation of conditionally-symbolic fund in Balkar poetic tradition.


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